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Wedding Photobooth that adds a personal touch

Technology has played a wonderful role in making weddings much special with the old age film camera, then digital cameras, mobile phones and Instagram. Technology and social media has given wedding photography, a new look and feel. Wedding is a personal, yet social event and is the biggest day in anyone’s life. On this big day, no one would want to miss even the silliest of the moments. Capture those precious moments and make the world know how you enjoy your special day with Apple’s new Photo booth. This allows custom-made photos, adding backdrops like Eiffel Tower, the Grand Canyon or even the space and effects to enhance the feel. They also provide options to make videos with special effects with trimming and sharing features.

It is cool option to capture fun moments with your loved ones, get it instantly printed, share real moments on Facebook and Twitter as it happens; the options are numerous when it comes to wedding photo booths. Still if you are not sure about this, here are few reasons you would most likely want to say ‘yes’ to this feature in your or your near one’s wedding.

  • A Wedding Photobooth is a cool and fun way to entertain your guests. The live Instagram feeds will stream guest photos and shares it instantly on social media.
  • This is an ideal way to get your guests feel a part of the wedding.
  • If you are looking for a wedding souvenir for your guests, what could be more apt than a custom made photo of yours and your beloved, a take home gift.
  • You could witness creativity unfold in you and your well-wishers with a whole new experience creating amazing photos all by themselves and sharing it with you and all your well-wishers.

One of the best features of booths is that, even the most non-techie can follow the simple instructions and come out with reasonably good shots. When it comes to sharing, if your guests are new to Instagram, here are tips to follow to Instagram precious moments in your wedding.

  • First step is to create your own hashtag (#), unique to yourself and not being used by anyone else. This needs a bit of searching and is much similar to creating a Gmail account.
  • Put up a sign on the booth and label it asking the guests to Instagram using hashtag -your unique ID that you created.
  • Make everyone aware of the facility being provided, making announcements or giving out instruction printed cards with hashtag mentioned clearly.
  • Even you could keep a sign with hashtag on each wedding table.

There are various companies like instaprint.sg that provide wedding photobooth instagram printing services. Any good company will run your selected photos instantly over a slide show and give a print out, usually a credit card size, to all your guests. Also, all your photos will be made available in their online gallery which will keep memories intact and also give a live detail to those who could not make it to the wedding.